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Int / Ext Photos

In this guidebook I will walk you through how to complete a Real Estate Shoot for Bos Photography LLC. If you have any questions, your contact is the owner, Justin, at  (717) 831-6073

Equipment Required

Full Frame Camera

16mm lens (Ideally 16-35 or something close)

Sturdy Tripod

Photography Process 
Copyright @ Bos Photography LLC

Your contact person at Bos is Justin, you may reach him at (717) 831-6073 with any questions/requests.

Arrive 5 minutes early to find the right property. Greet owner or agent (if house is not vacant) Locate lockbox if house is vacant, notes will be on the order with lockbox code.

Ask if shoes are ok to wear throughout the home. There may be booties available to go over shoes. If the house has clean carpet please remove shoes automatically.

Pre-Shoot Checklist



  • Ensure there are no cars in the driveway or in the front exterior shot. If cars can’t be moved, let the agent know we can virtually declutter for $25 / picture.

  • Remove all garbage bins

  • Remove any signage from agent / brokerage

  • Shut front door / garage doors

  • Turn on any exterior lights you can find




  • Turn on all lights, including under-microwave lights

  • Twist open or fully open all blinds / curtains

  • Remove any trash cans from sight

  • Clean clutter to a reasonable degree. If unsure on what a reasonable degree might be, call Justin.

  • Center / Push in chairs at dining room table, islands, etc.

  • IF the shower is nice, open curtains and remove any soap, washables. If not, keep the curtain shut.

  • Close all toilet seat lids

  • Straighten and center rugs, towels, bedding, curtains, and pillows (to a reasonable degree)

  • Make sure to open every door to see what is behind it and ensure nothing is missed. We shoot all walk-in closets if they’re big enough to get a good picture and they’re relatively clean. Shoot unfinished basements if they have them, and only shoot the garage if it’s clean or it’s cluttered but the agent specifically asks for it.


Once all of this is finished, you may begin the shoot.



Camera height should be 4-4.5 feet for most spaces, 3-3.5 feet for bathrooms, 6 feet + for exteriors,


  • Check settings - RAW, Aperture Priority, F8, ISO 400, 5 brackets HDR 0, +0.2EV, -0.2EV, +0.5EV, -0.5EV. You can most likely save these settings on your camera, depending on what you shoot with, so you don't have to reset them on every shoot.


The minimum number of photos you ever shoot should be at least 25 HDR Photos, which is 125 raw files, but please shoot every property with full coverage. Unless it’s an incredibly extravagant property or they ordered add-ons, if you’re above approx. 60 photos you may have overshot.

  • Start from the front on the sidewalk or street. - make sure your camera is level, but don’t worry about verticals as much for exterior. Try your best to match them up, but feel free to tilt the camera as needed to get the correct ratio of sky:ground. Camera should be 6 feet or so tall. Capture 3 front shots from a distance: one straight on and one angled from the left and right. Also capture one picture of the porch / front door pathway if it looks nice.


  • Moving inside, start at the front door looking in, capturing each level in full before moving on. (If you have to shoot out of order, still shoot the entire level before moving on to ensure not to miss anything).

  • Capture an angle of each space from each corner of the room. Once each corner is satisfied you can look for any other angles you would like, straight on for example. 

  • Double check before leaving each room that you got all the best angles. 

  • Capture thresholds, entrances of spaces, stair landings and hallways. 


Double check again you got all the angles of each space and you checked behind every door. 


  • Finish in the backyard capturing the yard from the door leading from the house and pointed back at the house from the back of the yard, along with any other worthy features like patio spaces or fireplaces. 

Once done, leave the property exactly how you found it. If you turn on lights, turn them off. Lock up and return key to lockbox, scrambling the code. 

Uploading - Photos MUST be uploaded by 9pm EST


  • Please upload all raw files to  the Dropbox folder. You CANNOT airdrop, you must drop and drag full res files from your desktop into the dropbox folder.


  • An example for file structure should show as follows:

Example for July: 

July 2023 > July 26 > 123 Green St (# of pictures)


NEVER use any special characters when uploading, ie / : ; + ,


Any pictures that need decluttering, twilights, or any special attention: please create a folder inside of the (123 Green St) folder with said images, named with the specific instruction.



123 Green St (195) > Twilights (# of pictures)


123 Green St (195) > Declutter (item or items) in these rooms (# of pictures)


Here is the correct folder for uploading. Please put in the correct month and date. (create the date folder if needed)


  • Checked the image count and it is correct, share the dropbox folder with the office via email.


  • You will click SHARE on the main dropbox folder and select create link. Once link is created you will copy it and paste in the email. 


  • send an email with the subject line: (date) RTM 

    • Inside the email you will paste the dropbox link and leave any editing notes, ie: remove agent sign, ect. 


  • If any services were changed, added, or removed during the shoot on site, be sure to correct the order in Aryeo and notify Justin. 


Shot list  


Camera height should be 4-4.5 feet high for main living areas, 3-3.5 feet high for bathrooms


Check your camera settings before starting. Aperture Priority, F8, ISO 400


How to set up a shot: Starting from each corner, balance the composition in front of you. Capture 3 walls, not capturing more than a sliver of the 3rd wall. When you capture rooms, try and shoot longways down the room and capture 2 long walls, one short. Ask about this if you have questions, it's very important.

 liminate dead space (empty walls) on either side of the composition. Fill up the frame with as much valuable information as possible ie:(not closet doors or empty walls) 


  • Front - 4 photos - Make sure cars are out of the driveway - One from the left of the property, middle and right of the home showing off the property lines from the sidewalk. One closer up of the front door/porch area from an angle or straight on.


  • Entry - 1-2 photos - One standing at the door facing into the home, One of them should be facing back at the front door 


  • Formal living room - 4 photos - one from each corner of the room

  •  Formal Dining room - 4 photos - one from each corner of the room

  •  Living room - 4 photos - One from each corner 

  • Dining Room - 4 photos - one from each corner of the room

  • Staircase - 1-2 photos (if applicable, use best judgement)

  •  Kitchen - 4-5 photos, one from each corner of the room

  • IF the kitchen is nice or has a sizable island, try and grab a shot from a distance shooting at 24-28mm. Not the end of the world if you can’t get the shot, but you should at least try (do not shoot the inside of the pantry unless specifically requested) 

  • Bathrooms - 1-2 photo each (typically one for smaller bathrooms, 2 for giant.)

  • Loft - 1-2 photos

  • Master bedroom - 2-4 photos, one from each corner of the room

  •  Master bathroom - 1-3 photos 

  • Master closet - 1 photo, (only if minimal and organized or specifically requested)

  •  Extra bedrooms - 1-2 photo, one from the doorway looking in

  • Basement - (Finished spaces only unless otherwise specified) 2-4 living spaces, from each corner of the room. Highlight any bars or entertainment spaces.

  • Backyard - 3 photos - One looking into the backyard, one from the back of the yard looking at the house, one highlighting the porch or any out buildings/outdoor entertainment spaces.

  • Highlight: hot tubs (if they are included/negotiable in the sale) storage sheds, RV parking areas, built in fire pits, outdoor kitchens/bars, basement kitchens/bars or anything the agent or seller mentions. 

  • Closets - Only shoot walk-in closets if they’re relatively clean or have significant content.

  • Garage - Only shoot inside garage if it’s cleared out or specifically requested.

You need at least 125 files ( 25 total photos)  shooting in HDR. ALWAYS shoot maximum angles. It's better to have them and not need them. 

Situations that may arise and how to deal with them

If the homeowner hasn’t cleaned up at all:

On a scale of 1-10, how bad is it?

If it’s under a 5, let the homeowner know you have limited time, but it’s possible to help them move things around within your appointment time frame.

If it’s over a 5, step out and call the agent. Let the agent know the state of the property, and ask how they’d like to proceed. OUTSIDE of earshot of the homeowner. If the agent tells you to proceed, shoot as is and don’t move anything.

Proceed as agent requests, as long as the request is realistic and can be done within your allotted time frame. Remember, there is a lot that can be decluttered digitally.


If you need to move things around:

These are all items that are acceptable to move: Small items such as soaps, sponges, drain plugs, dish towels, pet supplies, trash cans, laundry baskets, small kitchen appliances if the kitchen is too cluttered. 

These are all items that are NOT acceptable to move: Furniture, Large Kennels, anything that weighs over 50lbs, personal items such as toothbrushes or underwear.

Cars, clutter, or moving PODS in the driveway:

Ask if the stuff can be moved out of the driveway. If it can, have them move it out of the driveway and down the street from the property. Give yourself enough space to work.

If it can't be moved, let the agent know that they have the option to remove it in post with Virtual Decluttering.


Kids / relatives in the house:

  • Have them move to an entirely different floor than the one you’re shooting on, or have them move outside.

Workers on the property / renovations not done or being finished:

  • Make an educated inference: CAN these renovations be finished in the appointment time?

    • If YES: Wait until the vendors finish but make it abundantly clear that you have limited time.

    • If NOT: Shoot as is and offer photoshop / post processing fixes OR come back another time and reshoot.


Pets in the house:

  • Ask the homeowners to secure pets in a part of the property that won't be shot OR shoot the front and back yard first and let the animals outside while you shoot the inside if possible.

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