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Create custom floorplans for properties with accurate dimensions and labeled rooms via Cubicasa! Easy to sell on-site to agents, and takes about 5 minutes total to complete.

Equipment Required 

Cell Phone

All you need is a cell phone with a working camera, and the Cubicasa app!

Floorplan Process
Copyright @ Bos Photography LLC

Your contact person at Bos is Justin, you may reach him at (717) 831-6073 with any questions/requests.

To create a CubiCasa floor plan with your cellphone, start by downloading the CubiCasa app, and joining the Bos Photography Office. You will need Justin to add you to this. Ensure your phone is fully charged, and familiarize yourself with the property layout.

Where to Start?

1. The first thing you'll do is ask the homeowners / agents to step outside or somewhere where you won't scan: their presence in the scan will create inaccurate results.

2. Pull your phone out and load up the Cubicasa app. Ensure the address is correct and the pin is in the correct location before scanning.

3. Mentally plan your route through the property, try to avoid scanning any spaces more than once. View example video for a more clear understanding.

4. Scan all 4 corners and every wall of each room, remember it's better to take longer and overscan the property than underscan and give inaccurate readings!

5. Once you've scanned the last space, end the video and begin filling out the order. Select the $15 fixed furniture option and, if it's past noon, select 6h turnaround. Send it off, but keep the app open until it reaches 100% and you get a confirmation popup. Double check it sent in the main screen, and you're done!


 - Move slowly, keeping your phone steady, and make sure you're recording the entire space to ensure maximum quality and accuracy.

-Move slow and smoothe, and try not to scan the same space twice if you can, but it's no trouble if you do.

-If you're completing this scan anytime after noon, be sure to select the 6h turnaround time add-on.

-For detailed guidance, refer to the CubiCasa app instructions.

- Think You're Ready? -

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