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Drone Photography

Drone Photography is a super appealing service to add to any order, particularly great for showing off unique properties with large acreages, or properties in close proximity to something worth noting (ie Amusement Parks, Capitol Buildings, close parks, etc.)

Equipment Required

Part 107 FAA  Unmanned Aircraft License

Very easy license to get, this is required for all commercial flights.

High Quality Photography Drone

A drone capable of taking high quality bracketed photos. Good wind resistance and stabilization doesn't hurt, either.


Fully Charged Controller with good connection to ensure drone connection isn't lost during flight.

Drone Photography


Your contact person at Bos is Justin, you may reach him at (717) 831-6073 with any questions/requests.


Before you begin, do a visual scan to make sure everything on the exterior looks good and is up to standard. 


  • Ensure there are no cars in the driveway or in the front exterior shot. If cars can’t be moved, let the agent know we can virtually declutter for $25 / picture.

  • Remove all garbage bins

  • Remove any signage from agent / brokerage

  • Shut front door / garage doors

  • Turn on any exterior lights you can find


If every box above can be checked, you are ready to begin flying! As you know; double check your airspace and receive LAANC approval if necessary. Check for low flying aircraft, powerlines, trees, or any other obstacles that could present a challenge during flight. Set your picture mode to aeb bracketing at 5 brackets, and ensure your connection is good/stable before flying off. Assuming this is the case, here is your drone shot list:

3 Low shots facing the front of the house, one from each side and one straight on.


1 shot from about 60-100 ft showcasing the front of the

property and surrounding area.


1-2 shots showcasing the backyard, ideally one from the  roof looking out and one from the back looking towards  the property, do whatever fits best.

8 shots doing a full orbit around the property at about 200-250 ft. You should have 4 straight on shots and 4 angled shots by the end totalling 8 shots, like so.









1 shot directly down showing the entire property. If the property is too

large for this shot, get a few extra of the orbit shots shown previously,

and be sure to capture the property in full to the best of your ability.  







AND any other angles that might look good, each property is unique and requires a different set of photos. It’s better to overshoot and thin out in post than it is to underdeliver!!


NOTE: As long as you take off and land from property you have permission to be on, you can fly over anybody’s property you need in order to get the correct shots. Obviously try your best to keep a safe distance from houses and such. If angry neighbors come out and yell at you (it happens), keep a safe distance and try to explain the law to them while wrapping up the shoot as fast as you can.

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pa real estate property
pa real estate property
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